We work with the brands of the future. take risks. are three human beings. are for brands who seek different. care. are informal. are big fans of toast. are not for everyone.

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If the myths are to be believed: Hayden is the one and only brand whisperer.

Having traveled across the land with nothing but a camera, this man has worked with the likes of Men’s Health magazine & Red Bull, racking up hundreds of videos under his name. These days you can find him in a field naked, smoking crack. Just joking: he’s our beloved content guru, camera man & all-round linchpin.


Candela is so motivational, she convinced her own mother to give birth to her. Good job too, because she started editing from the age of 13, recently achieved blackbelt level of post-production talent, while leading the team  Dirty Jack team through thick and thin. She’s also Spanish, so don’t fuck with her. 


Since the day Matt arrived in Bristol after a less-than-comfortable journey on a highland cow, he’s been making ideas. Matt lays ideas like a chicken lays eggs. He actually once got caught for doping on ideas. We’re not sure where he gets so many of them, we think he might be smuggling them in from the black market. All projects start by dipping Matt in a cup of warm water, and taking a sip.