Punk solutions to content advertising

People hate ads. Period.

It’s our mission to change that, one campaign at a time.

If you want glossy video for your business, we’re absolutely not for you.  Dirty Jack exists to serve niche audiences via informal punk storytelling: in the pursuit of unignorable branding.

If you are seeking different, we are for you!

Brand Campaigns

For the entrepreneurs who want to make a noise.  You want to get creative? Be seen beyond a product or service? 


We’ll help you develop a punk voice within your community, via a main ‘pillar’ piece of content: that’s repurposed for short form social media platforms. We design these edits to work as a direct advertisement and a valuable piece of creative content for the consumer.


Campaign videos start at £3k

The aim of the game: YOUR BRAND gets more attention from people who care.

Micro Product Ads

Individual 10-30s punk pieces for specific ad reach. 


These are high intensity: comedic driven edits to impose direct action from your audience.


Warning: your potential customers don’t care about your ads. Everyone hates ads. These short videos are specifically designed to spark curiosity, by disrupting social feeds.


Micro Ads start at £1k

After an early 2020 launch, the infamous Balls Trimmer™ quickly
earned notoriety for shaving a nation’s worth of testicles in good humor. We developed a number of initiatives to keep them at the forefront of such a young industry.

The first man to ever trim his balls lived an extraordinary life…

Apple takes themselves too seriously, why can’t a Ball Trimmer? 

Ball trimming technology is here from the future! 

Our friends over at Socialight are developing the future of influencer marketing: in one easy to use software. We collaborated early on to develop a ‘no nonsense’ take on an otherwise…pretentious…industry.

No…they’re not aliens

2020 has been like being slapped in the face by a fish… 

An innovative video making course. After deciding to lean away from traditional filmmaking values, we helped Screenology develop their voice of the future. A project very dear to our hearts. 

“If you don’t like making films, you can fuck off” 

“You are a creative outsider!” 

With the planet seemingly burning, Human Food are here to save us with their ethical & sustainable snack bars. We collaborated to explore what it means to be an active human being in the 21st century. You don’t need to be a hardcore athlete to eat healthy!

“A kick-ass case study for the most remarkable rollerskating human to ever glide the Earth.” 

The definitive voice of the UK songwriting scene. After being away through the difficulties of 2020: we collaborated on a comeback video for their autumn issue: