Punk solutions to content advertising

People hate ads. Period.

It’s our mission to change that, one campaign at a time.

If you want glossy video for your business, we’re absolutely not for you.  Dirty Jack exists to serve niche audiences via informal punk storytelling: in the pursuit of unignorable branding.

If you are seeking different, we are for you!


No more boring. The future is punk. 

The aim of the game: telling stories that don’t feel, smell, or taste like the ads we all hate. Your audience deserves better! 

How we do it: 

  • We LISTEN to what’s important to you
  • We LEARN what your audience wants.
  • We STUDY your niche, to disrupt the expected norms.
  • We MAKE the content your audience deserves.

If your armpit (or testicles) smell – consider Lumē, the deodorant to bravely venture beyond underarms. We were instructed to re-invent what a Lumē Ad could look like, so we decided to visit some weird and wonderful areas of the body odour universe…

Meet Philipo, a Lonely Italian man who’s about to have his world shaken up by Lumē.

Without lumē stopping your testicles from smelling can get out of hand…

If we shave sustainably and clean the oceans, fish will get six packs. At least that’s our theory, as demonstrated in our Leaf Shave ads. Superheroes. Vegan influencers. All in 60s.

“Lisa shaves sustainably and it changes her life forever.

“Plastic-free shaving is a real glow up!

After an early 2020 launch, the infamous Balls Trimmer™ quickly
earned notoriety for shaving a nation’s worth of testicles in good humor. We developed a number of initiatives to keep them at the forefront of such a young industry.

The first man to ever trim his balls lived an extraordinary life…

Apple takes themselves too seriously, why can’t a Ball Trimmer?

Ball trimming technology is here from the future!

One of the most innovative cosmetic brands to ever grace the Earth. We helped them develop some funky branded ads and further explore their already weird and wonderful universe.

Using hydro-stars is like going on a hoverboard ride…in space.”

“You’ve never seen anything more romantic than a pimple and a hydro-star reunite. 

“Pimples are totally natural…don’t pop them 🙁

There’s nothing worse than getting a business call at the wrong time (when milking a cow, for example) – as demonstrated in our explainer ad for the supremely helpful ‘Air Landline’. 

Ah…Peace and Quiet!

“Using a professional landline number makes you look less like a class A cupcake kingpin…and more like the respected business owner you are! 

Who doesn’t love a good bit of Muff? We helped The Muff Liquor Company tap into their sense of humour with SIX beautifully cheeky micro-ads for use on socials. All hail the potato!

You’re the most delicious thing to come out of Ireland since Louis Walsh.”

Does your Grandma enjoy Muff?

”No need to relocate to the jungle!”

”Accidentally murder your plants on a regular basis?”

Yup. A hot tub for your nuts. It’s a real product.
Need we say any more? We made our craziest YouTube Ad to date, all in the name of glorious bubbles.

How to make a bazillion bucks? Dip your bad boys into the Testicuzzi, and watch your life transform…

With the planet seemingly burning, Human Food are here to save us with their ethical & sustainable snack bars. We collaborated to explore what it means to be an active human being in the 21st century. You don’t need to be a hardcore athlete to eat healthy!

“A kick-ass case study for the most remarkable rollerskating human to ever glide the Earth.” 

An innovative video making course. After deciding to lean away from traditional filmmaking values, we helped Screenology develop their voice of the future. A project very dear to our hearts. 

“Today is a good day to fight dragons…” 

“You are a creative outsider!” 

Our friends over at Socialight are developing the future of influencer marketing: in one easy to use software. We collaborated early on to develop a ‘no nonsense’ take on an otherwise…pretentious…industry.

No…they’re not aliens.”

2020 has been like being slapped in the face by a fish…